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2009.03.07 -  Women's Amateur Bodybuilding
This website is a display of my past assignments with Southcreek Global Media and ZUMA Press.

I do not do any licensing or sales of Southcreek Global Media or ZUMA Press assignment images. Southcreek Global Media and ZUMA Press assignment images are only available for editorial licensing and are not permitted for sale to members the general public. All licensing is done exclusively through ZUMA Press.

Please contact ZUMA Press
for all questions regarding the licensing of images and the specific terms of use.
2009.09.05 - AVP Crocs Tournament of Champions
2008.07.20 - Dew Tour - FMX
2009.09.27 - Dodgers at Pirates
2009.08.01 - Meijer Indy 300
2009.07.12 - Ernie Samuel Memorial Stakes